Wave UI

Well, I've finally opened my blog on jroller.com (thanks Rick :). I would like to start this new web site with an elegant mockup I've made with Swing yesterday. It uses customized JPanels, JLabels and JComponents to offer a pleasant UI which looks like a web site. I have to admit I was inspired by a blogger.com template. That's why I need to change some stuff like the stacked rounded rectangles ^^

Anyway, I have to implement a video stream client for school and I think this UI would be perfect. Subclassing components is somehow tedious but I'm not in the mood to write clean UI delegates. A better solution would be to go with Synth but school stations run J2SE 1.4. Maybe I will build a look and feel after all. It would be a cool training for my internship at Sun Microsystems this summer ;-)

Anyway, here is the first mockup of the Wave UI Demo:

If you want to know more about my recent works with Swing, check out #ProgX, my french web site.

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