* with style followup

This week has been very busy on this blog so here is a little summary of what’s going on:

  1. – Jan Böesenberg tried something nice with the InfiniteProgressPanel (see below)
  2. Craig, author of the recent JDraggable project, and I will be working on a set of Swing components likely to be called SwingFX. Stay tuned.
  3. – I’ve improved AnimatedPanel.java and InfiniteProgressPanel.java. They’re now full of comments, under the BSD license and more customizable. I might create another InfiniteProgressPanel based on Jan’s experiment (see below).
  4. – Chet Haase and some others in the comments gave me ideas to improve the performances of the spotlights demo when the blur is turned on. Remember, you can already animate spots by turning blur off. I have some really ideas in mind :)
  5. – I already have a few other ideas of Swing demos but I’ll have to wait till the 28st of February to play with them. As much as I like Swing, I still prefer ski :)

Here is what Jan did with the infinite progress demo, I find it really cool:

See you in a week and thanks.

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