Packed With Effects

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You can download the demo of NetWatch Video. The source code will be available shortly. One day. When I'll be done with the UI remaining delegates. You can also download the media server. Just launch the exe file and you're done. You can now double-click either servers in the list in my app and then double-click onto the only available stream. If the exe file does not work, give the .bat a try.

Some of you already seen the not-so-many-but-still-too-many screenshots of my WaveUI demos and its use for a school project. Anyway, this project is now over and I'm proud to announce that I've used as many cool Swing tricks I could to impress the teachers. After all, I was responsible for the UI devevelopment. So the result is pretty cool even though it is a shame on the UI design side. I mean I crafted pointless icons (question, what do the two bottom left buttons do?), the help panel is static, useless and contains no relevant information, the bottom left buttons are not at a good place, and so on. And I won't talk about the code since contains more than 25 inner classes :)

But let's put all these nasty things aside and take a tour of the application would you? First, here is the splash screen, the beloved shadowed one:

Then we can see the cool WaveUI theme. Note that JScrollBar and JCheckBox don't have UI delegates yet, hence showing the infamous Ocean theme. But I was running out of time :)

When you double-click one of the servers in the servers list, the eye-candy infinite progress panel shows up. I used the performance enhanced version here because the teachers would have found weird it took so long to receive the streams catalog from the servers.

Finally, here is what dialog boxes look like. Guess what, this is one of the hacks from the book Swing Hacks.

This cool hack attempts to animate a dialog box the same way MacOS X does. In some applications you can see a dialog sheet being pulled. The effect here is much simpler but it is worth the try. By all mean avoid resizing the window (yeah I was running out of time :) So, whenever you click the “+”, “-” (if selected server is unlocked) or “nuclear” (it pops up the options in fact :), a dialog box appears by scrolling down from the top of the frame.

All in all I think this UI will do its job, that is impress the teachers. Thankfully, the network code behind is also working well. The cool UI is just a bonus.

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