Swing Hacks

Woow, I finished writing my hacks for Swing Hacks, an upcoming O’Reilly book by Chris Adamson and Joshua Marinacci. I wrote 5 hacks out of more than 100, so it is mostly (only? :) Chris’ and Josh’s book. Jonathan Simon also contributed cool hacks.

Now I just hope I won’t have too many errors to correct. Being used to writing articles in french, it is very frustrating to write in english. My sentences are simpler, my vocabulary is poorer, etc. I know I can do well but I first need to write the text in french and then spend a lot of time translating it. That’s what I did for an article to be published in the Java Developer’s Journal in April and believe, it did take me a lot of time :)

Anyway, if you enjoyed the demos I showed you here, you’ll love this book. Chris and Joshua have built dozens of really cool and useful hacks for Swing you’ll just love. If you are a beginner, this book is for you. Good news is, if you are a veteran, this book is also for you! Swing Hacks contains more than 100 hacks and should be available within the next three months.

P.S: since a week or two, no visitor can leave comments on this blog. I filed a bug report but it has not been fixed yet. I’m sorry for this inconvenience.

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