Swing in 3D!

No Java3D this time, but a rather curious and totaly useless experiment I conducted one year ago with Jext, my you-should-download-it-right-now source code editor. What am I talking about? Well, it is nothing short of amazing! Behold the power of the Anaglyph Swing Effect:

The picture is a mess? To see it correctly you need to put on cyan/red 3D glasses. I won't get into the details but you already seen that effect, at least when you were a kid. When wearing this kind of glasses, see the picture below, you can see Jext in 3D. That's fun. Just know it is also the most difficult thing I ever had to debug. Whenever you launch the app for a test, you need to put on the glasses and believe me, it really strains your eyes.

I look cool with my glasses, don't I? Anyway, I don't have the source code of Jext3D anymore but I can give you AndyCam's source code. This requires Java Media Framework to capture the video stream from a webcam and apply a chain of effects on it. The program is set up to use the anaglyph effect by default but you can look at the end of AndyCam.java to try other effects and chain them. You can do absurd things like blurring the anaglyph effect.

When I get the courage, I'll come up with a Swing RepaintManager to use anaglyph effect in any application.

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