Delicious Library

Sometimes, I stumble upon a nice and lovely application. Delicious Library is one of that kind. Available for MacOS X only, Delicious Library provides an efficient and appealing user interface to take care of your media items. You can use it to catalog and browse your CDs, DVDs, books and video games.

If, like me, you have hundreds of items to put on virtual shelves, Delicious Library will quickly become your best friend. You can either use a webcam or a dedicated scanner to scan barcodes and get items from various Amazon stores automatically. The user interface is really impressive and the authors put a lot of nice details in it. Here are two screenshots that show the extra painting applied to the cover pictures:

As you can see, details like foldings and reflections are draw over the original cover to make the item look like a real one, on a real wooden shelf. You can also zoom in and out to see many items at once:

Delicious Library also let you keep track of borrowers and give you clues to new stuff by getting a list of similar items straight from Amazon:

If you love books or music, it is worth purchasing a license for $40. I also ordered the bluetooth barcode scanner which saved me days of work. It took me only about one hour and a half to add 394 books, 50 games and 60 CDs to Delicious Library. I still have many many books to add though :)

Last but not least, you can export your shelves as a CSV file you can then reuse in other applications. I use it on my french web site to let visitors browse through my entire collection of books.

I wish I had done this application in Java. I had this idea a long time ago but never took the time to actually implement it. Maybe should I enhance my BooksDemo (the one with a 3D rotating book) so that we could use a barcode scanner to get information about books.

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