iTune's like books library

Since Delicious Library exports nice, but somehow rather annoying to handle, CSV files containing all your books, I created a web page on my personal web site to let visitors browse through my books collection.

You can try it live. As you can see, I used iTune's design to create the search panels. You can find books by genre and author in two clicks. You can also display one book or all the books matching your query (or filter). Since it can be tedious to browse through that many books (there are 537 online at this time), I used AJAX (damn I hate that name) to implement data loadings. The page is never reloaded.

It is the first time I used AJAX and I have to admit it is very very easy to use altough I don't like much writing so much JavaScript code. This language is fine but it definitely lacks good documentation. Thankfully, you can go to the MSDN and use Mozilla's DOM Inspector to get some help. Anyway, I liked doing this and I may use that more and more for future features on

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