I like RSS feeds. I mean, they are damn useful. And yet I hate all the RSS readers I have seen so far. I dislike most of them because they're just ugly. Some are good but too expansive. Hopefully, MacOS X comes to my rescue once again with NewsFire, an elegant, simple and powerful reader. Just check out this beautiful UI:

This is what you see when reading a feed item. It is clean and the author though of all the details. For isntance, you can go through all your feeds and items with the keyboard. There is no need to grab the mouse, and we all know how important this can be to developers :) Feeds items lists are also presented in a very attractive and readable way:

I'm not using all the features yet but NewsFire let you create groups, which are also nicely displayed, and smart feeds. Every MacOS X application seems to be introducing the concept of smart-something nowadays and it just rocks. In a few clicks you can create a new smart feed in which you can aggregate many other feeds. Just brilliant. And last but not least, NewsFire now supports podcasting, which is always nice when you own an iPod:

I definitely need to learn how to develop with Objective-C and Cocoa. The more I use MacOS X, the more I am stunned by the overall quality of the applications.

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