Wobbling Options UI

You can run the WebStart demo or, as usual, download its source code.

Almost every application provides a nice options dialog in which you can, well, change some values to adapt the appearance of the behavior of the application. These options dialog alway contain a Save or Ok button and a Cancel one. Some applications also provide an Apply button to see the effects of your change without closing the window:

Unfortunately you rarely can see what your changes actually did and you might even wonder whether something actually happened. I find it very frustrating. What if our applications showed a nice visual effect to prove your click on Apply really did something? Here is an example:

When you click the Apply button (for simplicity's sake you can click anywhere, the dialog being a simple picture) the dialog sheet is wobbles like a flag in the wind.

To be honest, I don't think this is the best way to use this graphical effect. I'd rather use it with a Reset button. The animation reminds me of the tablecloth when I shake it up to remove crumbs of bread. The animation could also be revamped to be more realistic: a single “ripple” would go from the bottom to the top.

Oh and instead of Java3D I chose JOGL this time. Please play the animation once before making your mind about it, for the first time is slow because of OpenGL initialization.

3 Responses to “Wobbling Options UI”

  1. John Kirk says:


  2. Tristan Seifert says:

    I tried to compile that thing but I got these “method not found” in file “TextureLoader.java”:
    this.gl = drawable.getGL();
    this.glu = drawable.getGLU();
    I also have these “Method not found” errors in “FlagRenderer.java”:

    drawable.getGLU().gluPerspective(45.0f, width / height, 0.1f, 100.0f);

  3. Tristan Seifert says:

    And also this in “TextureLoader.java” because it is declared to take 3 args but 2 provided:

    gl.glGenTextures(1, tmp);
    And I’m running Ubuntu 9.10 on my machine and using the linux extra extention jar