Believe it or not, but I actually updated SwingFX tonight. I added the PerformanceInfiniteProgressPanel I talked about in a previous entry. This new version performs even better thanks to the work Henry Story did. If you want to use the Wait With Style effect in one of your Swing application, you are strongly advised to use PerformanceInfiniteProgressPanel from SwingFX project. One of my next goals will be to make its API match InfiniteProgressPanel which let you change colors, fonts, etc.

I hope I'll be more comitted to this project from now on :) If you have any comment, please join the mailing list. The project has barely started and tons of things can be sorted out. We are open to all suggestions, advices and contributions.

By the way, if you have any nice Swing component, effect or whatever you would like to share with other developers, contact us so we can add it to SwingFX.

P.S: you can now contact me on my new email address, romain.guy@mac.com. If you used to mail me @jext.org, please update your address book, thanks ;-)

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