Flash Lite (Swing demo)

You can run the WebStart demo or, as usual, download its source code.

The demos Help Your Shelf and Follow The Curves seriously reminds me of Flash animations. Sure, Flash is really easy, at least for graphics designers, but Swing and Java2D let you do some simple animations that can look really cool. Flash Lite is a mockup of a social network client (think of Orkut). When the application starts, a little animation is played to present its purpose: “You meet and discover new friends”. Ok that's silly but I needed a justification for this demo :) The first screen shows three icons and three messages. Each icon appears with a zoom/fade effect and the corresponding message fades in:

Here is what the screen looks like with the three icons:

The zoom/fade effect applied to the icons can be easily reused in your own applications. Here is how to run it:

ZoomFadePanel effect = new ZoomFadePanel();
Font font = new Font("Dialog", Font.BOLD, 16);

To look even nicer the effect should be drawn over a glass pane or a single panel should accept several actors. This would allow to overlap the icons. In this version, the icons are clipped by the boundaries of the component. Anyway the animation plays so fast that you can't really see this clipping.

A full-screen fade effect is then used to display the application title, Flash Lite:

And you finally reach the main menu. This is just a mockup I drew with Photoshop so it doesn't actually work. I'm not entirely satisfied by its look so I did not turn it into Java code. I'll eventually do.

I encourage you to download the source code to hack ZoomFadePanel and come up with a better implementation :)

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