Performance Boost in Follow The Curves

Greg Tangey decided to lower the CPU usage of the Follow the Curves demo. And he did well. According to his blog, he decreased the CPU usage from 70% to 8%. That's a huge improvement. I hereby apologize to Dim who suggested to cache the gradient. I honestly believed this wasn't a bottleneck but it seems it definitely was. Next time I'll try before opening my goddamn mouth ;-)

Thanks to both of you guys!

P.S: Greg says “Next i went about changing some of the rendering hints to some lower quality values and i honestly can?t see a difference”. Personally, I do see a difference. And picky as I am when it comes to anti-aliasing I just couldn't leave it that way. It's not neat enought :) But if you do not see the difference, go ahead and save some CPU cycles!

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