3D Effect with Java2D?

POLL: Would you like me to explain how to create the “CD chooser” you can see on Joplin screenshot? I explained this at JavaOne in the Extreme GUI Makeover talk, but since Joplin is now Open Source I guess it might interest some of you.

If I do so I will upload a standalone version so you can see the animated result and the 3D effect :)

This component reuse some effects I showed you before without really providing demos nor code: Jewel Case with Java2D, StackLayout and Swing Glint.

I also made a version of this for JSR #209:

I have a photo, somewhere in my mailbox, of this demo running on a Motorola e680. This cell phone was presented at JavaOne with Swing and Java2D running on it.

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  1. ciberado says:

    You rock, man.