Java Java Java Java

First of all I would like to apologize to anyone waiting for another Swing demo. The thing is I'm really busy translating a book for O'Reilly France (Google Hacks 2nd Edition) and writing articles for a french computing magazine (Login:). I have some nice ideas and I'll implement them as soon as I am done with those. It should be within 7 or 10 days.

In the meantime, you can take a look at JavaCast a new website dedicated to Java oriented podcasting. I hope they'll soon provide a lot of interesting interviews. You can also go to to read some cool blogs and articles. I'm sure most of you already know this website but if you don't, check it out. Speaking of that, you can take a look at my blog there. Even though I don't crank out new demos I still post over there.

Also, go to the forums as there is a lot going on thre. The SwingLabs team is running discussions about what will be included very soon in JDNC/SwingX/etc. so it might be great to your input. SwingLabs aims to provide easy to use and powerful components and “frameworks” you can use in your professional projects. Don't be shy, you can help us make SwingLabs greater than it is! You can especially take a look at the current discussion(s) on the data binding framework, the one we used at JavaOne 2005 to build the Joplin Music Player.

Finally, rush to JavaLobby and enter the big fight over the MVM (a JVM capable of hosting several Java apps at the same time). A lot of things are happening them (unfortunately even hatred) but if you have any valuable insight or feedback, go ahead. The thread about GUI builders is also interesting with lengthy and thoughtful posts.

I almost forgot, be ready for new incoming Swing Sightings packed with nice Swing applications.

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