Next Demo

The time goes by and still no new demo… don't worry folks it's almost there. I've been working hard on it recently and I finally have all I need to actually implement it. Here is a small screenshot of what I've been doing, kind of a teaser if you want :)

This is not the actual demo, this is just a tool I wrote to tune some parameters for the demo. With this I have half the final effect ready to roll. The good news is I'll be able to reuse some of the stuff you see in the screenshot, like the grapher, for other demos involving #@! mathematics and physics. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, I suggest you to take a look at Wicket if you don't know it. Wicket is a framework for Java Web-based applications. It is very clean, very easy to use and I just love it. I wrote an article about it during the past few days and I've been impressed. I also enjoyed the fact its authors created an API which looks like Swing. I'm sure it has its own share of problems but it's the first time I actually enjoyed doing Web development for quite a long time.

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