Drag and Drop Effects, Part 2… Almost

In previous entry I described a cool drag and drop effect. I have finally been working on this demo a bit more and added the missing feature to create a collage. I also improved graphics and performance. With Java 1.6 I now observe the same performance with the OpenGL pipeline and the software rendering.

Photo Collage

I'm not happy with the rendering quality of the pictures in the collage but I am the one to blame. I am using the pictures from the list as rotated images instead of doing a clean rendering directly. The demo also works as an applet and it looks nice:

Photo Collage

I'm not releasing the code yet because it became a real mess lately, especially the drag and drop engine. I will work more on this demo to improve the code, or at least the rendering of the collage. If I don't find the motivation I'll just post the code as it is. Oh and I need to add a button to export the collage.

2 Responses to “Drag and Drop Effects, Part 2… Almost”

  1. JG says:

    Romain! When will you release the source code to this?