Drag and Drop Effects, The Code (At Last!)

You can run the WebStart demo or, as usual, download its source code.

As promised I finally released the code of the second installment of PhotoCollage. Now, I did not take the time to clean it and the drag and drop architecture is still awful. Yet it delivers the same performances on both Tiger and Mustang, with or without the new OpenGL pipeline enabled. I also simplified some parts of the rendering code and got rid of the VolatileImages.

Photo Collage

The app could benefit from more attention: it is memory expansive and the rendering of collage is kinda ugly because of my lazyness (I do not use hi-res versions of the pictures but thumbnails). Anyway, the point is not to create a real application. At least not now :)

I'm working on another really cool demo that I wish I'll be able to show very soon. It just takes me more time than I initially thought.

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