Extreme Swing Presentation

I hope you enjoyed the Desktop Java in Action presentation because I have another one for you today. This one is called Extreme Swing and I ran it at JavaPolis in december. Extreme Swing focuses on how you could create moder looking user interfaces by adding a third dimension to your applications. The first part deals with faking a 3D environment with Java2D. It explains how I created the Music Shelf demo. The second part explains everything you need to know about Twinkle. It introduces a very simple API Chris Campbell and I started to write to make it easier for you to create such UIs. Please, try to create your own effects with it and tell us what you'd like to see in the API. The presentation ends with two quick hacks: how to create a 3D icon in a button and how to fake component transparency in Java3D (this was incidentally the first demo ever posted on this blog :).

The presentation is available online as a PowerPoint file or in PDF.

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