Meet the Swing Team, Part 2

In part 1 of Meet the Swing Team, you met Jeff, Chet, Richard, Scott and Josh. In this second installment, meet some other members and discover Santa Clara's campus. You can also view all the pictures of the Swing Team as a slideshow.

Hans Muller

Hans Muller has a very messy office but he keeps teaching me very interesting English words.

Amy Fowler

Amy Fowler has been part of the Swing Team for a long time. She recently worked on the JDNC project, now known as SwingLabs.

Chris Campbell

Chris Campbell, member of the Java2D team, requested I published this shot of him in the darkness of his office. I have to admit it captures the mood really well.

Tony Wyant

Tony Wyant is in charge of the Java Media Framework. If you find the photo blurry and cranked, blame Chris :)

Sun's Campus Entrance Sun's Campus Entrance

The entrance of the campus. This is where the work fun begins!

Sun's Campus

Our campus in Santa Clara is really nice. I love going to work there every morning.

Sun's Campus

Sun's Campus

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