NetBeans 5.0 RC1 is Available, Will I Switch?

Wow, a great news today, NetBeans 5.0 RC1 is available. If you haven't tried NetBeans 5.0 yet, do it now, it is really impressive how better it has become compared to 4.x. And don't forget to try out the new GUI builder ;-)

To be honest, the more I use NetBeans, the more I like it. I still cannot switch from Eclipse because the quick fixes are not as good but I can't wait for the version that will convince me. NetBeans on Mustang now gives me subpixel antialiasing, one of the most important features for me, it comes out of the box with a GREAT GUI builder (and remember, until Matisse I hated GUI builder), Java EE support (no need to struggle with the installation of a web server and a database, you got Tomcat, Derby and if you wish the Sun App Server), it has a really nice looking UI (the more I use Eclipse the more I grow tired of this sad looking gray interface) and offers some really cool others features like the impressive Java ME support and the very useful Profiler.

So will I switch? Not yet, but I'm pretty darn close to! I almost switched to IntelliJ IDEA last summer but I abandonned the idea because of small annoyances but I guess I should check the version 5. Anywway, it's good to be a Java programmer these days :)

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