Eclipse @#!

I installed Eclipse 3.2 M4 a few days ago and I need to say it… ye gods I am pissed!

Every time I upgrade Eclipse, be it a final version or a milestone I run into a shitload of issues. When I switched from 3.0 to 3.1 I lost the ability to use the References menu which I learned to rely on a lot when I scout Swing's source code. At one point 3.1 even decided to forbid me from saving any preference and it took me one day to manage to get it back on trail. No matter what I did, which version (newer or older) I reinstalled, everything was screwed up. Then, when I used a 3.2 milestone for the first time things seemed fine… until I experienced editor lockups (you are happily coding and suddenly Eclipse decides to ignore every single key stroke), on the fly compiling mistakes (“The type JButton is unknown”, “Yes you know it, you just created the import by auto-completion you nitwit!”), virtual errors (“I cannot run this application, there is an error in the project”, “I just checked every file and you report no error”, “Oh sorry you're right go ahead”), I couldn't change my key bindings easily (I love Ctrl+1 but on a french keyboard I prefer Ctrl+&, which is the same gesture, but alas Eclipse gave me a very hard time to change it, it would have been easier to convince a rock to sing)… It's like trying to get my job done by a 3 month old baby with Alzheimer.

Courageous, or dangerously stupid, as I am, I decided to experience 3.2 M4. Good news everyone, I got the same issues but I have a bonus one. Now my screen layout is fucked up every time I open a workspace. Check out for yourself. See the extra space on the left? The weird overlap of the panels with their containers? The missing tabs? Oh it's easy to fix, I just have to redock every panel and I can start working. But as a user I ought to do that as much as I ought to carve a keyboard everytime I boot my computer.

And I won't even start about how funky it gets when you actually open Swing's source code in Eclipse. Ok, I lied, I will. When I press Ctrl+Shift+T to open a specific file, say a Synth UI delegate, Eclipse presents me at least 3 or four version of each class, from the same freakin' location. It gets even better with public static internal classes: Eclipse duplicates them ad nauseum by appending the name of the internal class one more time for each entry. So you get things like MyClass.Internal, MyClass.Internal.Internal, MyClass.Internal.Internal.Internal… well I guess you get the point. I feel like speaking with a stammerer, save it's a piece of software. This means I can't send it to a speech therapist and I don't have to be patient and polite.

Now, don't get me wrong, Eclipse is a great IDE. But with all the fuss around it I'd expect a tad more quality. Is there any QE team on this project?! What the deuce is wrong with this tool? Am I doomed or just a moron? Anyway, in the past few months I spent way too many hours fighting my tool (and I haven't talked about the mess with plugins with each update; I just don't install plugins anymore and it works much better). I think it's high time I gave IntelliJ IDEA a new try…

P.S: Sorry for the bad language but I am really angry. At least now my fellows in the Swing Team know what cause those streams of abuse coming out of my office :)

P.P.S: Damn you stupid IDE @#!

Update: I wouldn't use a milestone and complain if the milestone wouldn't work better than the stable releases. Despite the issues with M4 it fixes some annoyances (like the References features that refused to work) I had with 3.1.

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    I can just say the same about Eclipse…