IntelliJ IDEA is Really Cool

I have been using IntelliJ IDEA 5.0 and 5.1 quite a lot recently and I must admit I understand why so many people say it's a very good IDE. There are things I sill need to get used to (like the four key shortcuts for the code completion) but overall I'm really pleased. As usual, it's hard to be fair after having used another tool for years so I kept my mouth shut until I was sure of which things I liked and disliked in IDEA. There are sill minor features I miss from Eclipse but to be honest, this is a wonderful and very productive tool. I have encountered a few bugs (hint: don't use CVS diff dialogs and a vertical dual screen setup :) and I have some griefs (why oh why no dialog offer a maximize/restore button?! and why the new class dialog doesn't offer a way to create an internal class?) but nothing really serious. Oh and I prefer NetBeans and Eclipse looks to IDEA's (no matter the look and feel selected in IDEA.) Apart from that the intentions, the static analysis, the refactorings, the usability, the camel humps in code completion are so cool that I can forgive those drawbacks easily. I'll post more details when I have more time but I am about to leave for two weeks so I wanted to say something :)

Last but not least, I'd like to thank JetBrains team and Maxim Shafirov in particular for the license they offered me as a thank you for working on Swing. That was a vert nice gesture guys, I truly appreciate it!

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