PhotoCollage, a Real Application?

Remember my demo called PhotoCollage? It shows how to create nice looking drag and drop effects. This demo lets you create a collage by dropping pictures on an empty space. Many people asked me to finish this application to make it useful but I never did: not enough time, not enough motivation.

Thankfully, Herve Perez, a fellow french guy, did finished the application. The result is entitled PhotoCollage II or, in french, Mur d'Images. Herve offers a WebStart version of Mur d'Image along with a simple guide to lear how to use it. He has also uploaded an example of a collage. Mur d'Image not only generates a PNG file with your collage, but it also generates an HTML image map you can put on your website. Here is an example I just created:

There are a few bugs but nothing awful. (if you load several pictures at once, try to hide then show the window, it helps ;-)

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