JXGraph in SwingX

I just committed a new component into SwingX, JXGraph. (Which is part of the SwingLabs project.) I should have contributed more stuff a long time ago because SwingX is really a great project. If you haven't looked at it recently, go try it, it's full of very cool components like image panel, hyperlinks, task panes, login dialog, advance trees and tables, auto-completion enabled combo boxes, etc. I had a very good experience reading the mailing list and the forum and it's really a great place to start if you are looking for new components or if you want to contribute to a great open source project. (It's under LGPL.)

Here is what JXGraph looks like when used in an application:


A thing I love about SwingX is that those guys try to have good tools support. All those components are provided with a BeanInfo and an icon that let you integrate them seamlessly in your favorite GUI builder. And if you have some time, go take a look at the databinding project, more precisely its binding branch in the CVS. You'll also need the binding branch from SwingX. Those branches allow you to easily bind data to your Swing components. You can also bind components together. I recently tried it and it's a breeze to use. (Granted you can find examples and some doc first, just look at the forums.)

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