Extreme GUI Makeover 2006, Screenshots and Video

Scott, Shannon and I gave another session entitled Extreme GUI Makeover this year at JavaOne. As last year's, the room was packed which made us really happy. Since the PDF is available online (login: contentbuilder, pass: doc789) I would like to show you a couple of screenshots and a video if you missed this session. On the contrary to last year, the slides lack pictures, so let me repair this mistake.

This year we pimped an email client. We added animations, drop shadows, pictures, replies folding, cool drag and drop effects, etc. There are even features that we did not have the time to show during the session! (Namely, animated docking of the folders tree.) Scott's replies hack just rock. When you read a message containing a discussion, the program creates a path of the discussion (for instance, you would see “Scott – Shannon – Scott” on top of the message to show the succession of replies). The ability to fold the nested discussion is also brilliant.

I don't have a video for that yet because the demo refuses to run on Mac OS X, despite the latest build of Mustang (some kind of weird I/O error). We should release the source code soon though, so stay tuned and check out Scott's blog for future information.

img.UserImage { border: 1px gray solid; }


I also suggest you to download the video of the mail sending animation. It's faster than in the real application, but it's still cool. As said in the slides, no picture has been used to create this animation. Quite a bit of Java2D code though :-)

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