Filthy Rich Clients presentation slides (JavaZone 2006)

I gave a presentation entitled Filthy Rich Clients this morning at JavaZone 2006. This presentation explains how to create good looking Swing applications by using Java2D, animations and 3D. It also contains some performance tips. You can download or view the presentation in one of the following formats:

The demos source code can be found on the Timing Framework project site and on Aerith web page.

NOTE: If you were at my presentation, you haven't seen all the demo because of that @!# bug with Apple's VM and dual screen displays. You can take a look at the screenshots and videos to discover what you have missed. I am deeply sorry for this inconvenience (and thanks to Joshua Marinacci I know now the work around to avoid that bug :) Just come to JavaPolis in december and I'll show it to you again ;-)


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  1. Frank says:

    The download links don’t work. 2008/02/05