Disco, Hype or Reality?

It's been a while since I've talked about a Mac OS X application in this blog. For the past few weeks, I have followed with interest the hype surrounding Disco. One of this authors has also an interesting blog where he gives clues about the application but also about icon design. Incidentally, those guys also brought us AppZapper, one of the most beautiful and simplest app I have ever used:


Given the name and the various clues given by the Disco team, it seems clear it is a tool to, at least, burn CDs and DVDs. I have to admit this is not something I do a lot, mostly because I am too lazy, but I am really curious to see what they found to make this process easier and, according to them, fun. Here is an interesting quote from the Disco blog:

People start using AppZapper to uninstall apps, but after discovering how satisfying it is to press the zap button, they begin uninstalling apps to use AppZapper.

When I first read this I thought “yeah, sure” but thinking more about it, I have to admit they are right. I do, from time to time, try to find “useless” apps on my hard drive just to zap them. I guess I am in need of more video games :) The thing is, if those guys manage to create an application as pretty, as easy and as fun to use as AppZapper, I might really well start burning optical discs more often. Maybe I will even start backing up my photos somewhere than on hard drives.

The other really interesting thing about Disco is the hype its authors created around it. In association with MacZOT, they are trying really hard to catch our attention and needless to say they succeeded, quite easily with that. I am amazed by the number of products that choose this path nowadays (remember the flawed Origami by Microsoft and their new “ah ok yet another MP3 player” Zune?) One thing is for certain: I want to see their UI, right now!


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