JavaDay 2006 (bonus: a video of Aerith you can watch), a french web site, just released the videos of JavaDay 2006, an event organized by Sun France that took place in Paris. There are many interesting videos available, among which 4 of mine.

The first one shows Aerith. It's a DivX file so everyone should be able to finally see Aerith animations and music live (just ignore my babbling in french ;-)

The second one is a live tour of Aerith source code. If you want to get introduced to Aerith source files, this is for you. Well, at least if you speak french.

The third one is a re-run of Extreme GUI Makeover, a session Scott Violet, Shannon Hickey and I presented at JavaOne 2006.

The last one is a presentation of NetBeans 6.0 with the modules for the beans bindings and the Swing applications container (JSR 295 & 296).

Hope you will enjoy (at least the first one if you don't speak french.)

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