Disco Special Effects

I recently talked about Disco, an incoming Mac OS X CD burning application. Disco offers a really good-looking user interface aimed at ease of use. Given the screenshots and movies I have seen so far, I must say those guys seemed to have reached their goals.

For weeks now, the development team was touting some cool, gratuitous special effects. They finally unveiled them. Disco is burning CDs right? Well, since there's no smoke without fire, there might as well be no fire without smoke. Check out this video of Disco in the process of burning a CD:

Not only does this effect look really nice, it's also interactive. If you move the mouse across the smoke, you can change its direction. You can even blow in your computer's microphone to blow the smoke away.

I know this is just eye-candy but since the application as a whole seems great, it does not hurt a bit :-)

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