Screenshots and Video of Extreme GUI Makeover 2006

After I posted the slides of Extreme GUI Makeover, many people asked for screenshots and/or videos of the application described in the presentation. I listened to you. Here is everything you wanted. By the way, this presentation is not only mine as it's been said in several place. Scott Violet and Shannon Hickey, both from the Swing Team, also worked very hard on this demo.

Anyways, here is the video (shot with Snapz Pro X on Mac OS X while the demo was running in Parallels… how about that for a cool benchmark?) All the effects and changes shown in the video should follow, more or less, the order of the slides. I have also shown a couple of effects that we did implement but never showed nor explained during our talks.

Now onto the screenshots. First, here is the basic UI we decided to revamp. It's a clone of Thunderbird on Windows XP:

Alpha Composites

Here is the fully pimped version of the UI, with all our effects enabled. Some of them can be seen only in the video (drag and drop animations for instance.) You just got to watch the video to understand what the colored label on top of the email message are for. This should be in every single mail client.

Alpha Composites

A Vista-like search dialog, with animated fade-in and fade out (huge thanks to SĂ©bastien Petrucci who gave me the idea!)

Alpha Composites

Last but not least, the mail sending animation. Too long and too complex to be used in a real application, it was added to show how far you can go. Incidently, there is absolutely no picture used in this animation. Everything you see is pure Java2D code. The background wooden texture and drop shadows are drawn by SwingX Painters.

Alpha Composites

I hope you will enjoy it. Due to the numerous requests, the source code of the whole demo should soon be released. I don't know the current status but I'm pretty sure it will happen. We did release Aerith after all ;-)I do know the status of the source code and it's basically my fault it's not been released yet. I'll fix that asap!

P.S: Maybe some day we'll release the code of the 2005 installement of Extreme GUI Makevoer… at least I hope so.

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  1. Stephen says:

    I would like your Thunderbird clone. How do I get it?