Simple Tools For Simple Tasks… With Cool UIs

My mom is real estate agent and she often takes pictures of the properties she's trying to sell. Unfortunately, those modern digital cameras create files that are a tad too large to send by email or to upload on their internal enterprise portal. While she knows how to use a computer (and even a PDA), I just can't get her to remember how to quickly resize a photo. That's why I decided to write her a very small tool that she would be able to use.

The result is a very simple application called Artemis. It does nothing but accept a file, let the user choose a resizing resolution (large, medium or small) and save the result. You can watch a video of the application in action:

I am sorry for the french message in the video, I just forgot to translate that particular string and found out only when the video was done. By the way, this video shows Artemis running on Windows XP in Parallels on my MacBook Pro. I'm always amazed by the speed of Parallels + Java SE 6.

Anyways, the application is still a bit crude (no transitions, no way to go back to the first screen when you save a picture… after all, I started this app. tonight) but I like its simple UI. To be truly honest I really like the effects. You can notice that I have improved reflections by adding a slight blur to them.

I built this demo using a set of utility classes I should soon released in the SwingX CVS repository. Those classes range from simple image related utilities (load/convert compatible images, create thumbnails) to shadows and reflections generation. If you can't watch the video, here are some screenshots of the application:




4 Responses to “Simple Tools For Simple Tasks… With Cool UIs”

  1. friday says:

    you are good. love your indepth application of swing. i am just getting to learn programming and i started with java. hope to be so good some day. great work. keep it up.

  2. curious says:

    Did you ever move the utilities to SwingX (I didn’t see anything likely on a quick browse), or did they get wrapped into the book?

  3. Tristan Seifert says:

    I like this. Can you release the source or at least tell us how you did the progress bar and the blur?