It's All About Java

Aside from photos this blog has been pretty quiet lately and that's why I would like to tell you what I've been up to recently. Jeez I don't even know where to begin.

The most important thing to me, because it's also the most time-consuming, is the book Chet Haase and I are currently writing. It's surprisingly entitled Filthy Rich Clients and should hopefully be released in time for JavaOne 2007. Those of you who took the time to read the slides of our Filthy Rich Clients presentation already know about it but I'm sure many missed that :-) Anyway, you are welcome to come discuss with us about this topic on the Yahoo! Group dedicated to the book. Hopefully we might be able to post some drafts there to get early feedback.

Regular readers of this blog know I gave talks at several Java related conferences over the past 18 months. It seems I'll be doing that quite a lot in a near future. Here is a summary of the incoming events:

  • My friend Julien Ponge (who wrote the wonderful IzPack) invited me to speak at his university in France at the end of the month,
  • Chet Haase, Richard Bair and I will give a lengthy 6 hours presentation at JavaPolis 2006 in Antwerp, Belgium early December. Chet and I will also give another run of Filthy Rich Clients, updated to match the latest changes in the TimingFramework,
  • Ben Galbraith's new desktop conference, Desktop Matters will be held in February in California and I will be there,
  • The Server Side Java Symposium offered me to give a speech at their incoming event in March, in Las Vegas. Given the usual target of TSS audience, I am thrilled to go there,
  • And hopefully I'll get a slot at JavaOne 2007 :-)

As usual, if you are planing on going to any of these events, I would be glad to meet you. Speaking of JavaOne, I will be in the US again in time for this conference. I will be in California, doing Java stuff for a very well known company… which is not Sun Microsystems. I'll keep you posted on that as soon as possible.

Last but not least, I've recently been elected as a Java Champion. I've met several other Java Champions and I'm thrilled to become part of this friendly community.

By the way this year is my last year at school! Going back to the class room is kind of a pain after having spent a wonderful year at Sun Microsystems but I guess it's worth it. Only a few more months and I will be free! (Well, in September 2007.)

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