My Favorite RSS Readers

RSS readers are today's text code editor. Every programmer in the world has written at least one and beginners about 7 each. I know that because I wrote at least one text editor and more RSS readers than I can dare to recall. To be honest I wrote those RSS readers only to illustrate programming articles, but still, I did more than my share. But enough about my ramblings

A long, long time ago, I talked about NewsFire the RSS reader I use on Mac OS X. It's a very neat application, beautiful and simple, which covers all my needs to constantly feed me with fresh news. No surprise I have about 200 feeds that I do read every day (this is the skill I am the proudest of, apart from liking desserts, I can read very quickly.)


Oddly enough, I can't seem to recall that I ever introduced you to BlogBridge. BlogBridge is my RSS reader of choice on both Windows and Linux. It looks rather good, with a sufficiently customizable UI, provides a clean layout to browse your feeds and it's available everywhere. BlogBridge is not only a Java/Swing application, it's also a WebStart Java application. That means I can launch it from pretty much anywhere I am, that is school. That feature would be utterly useless if there was no easy way to recall your feeds and the BlogBridge guys did think about that too. They offer a cool online service to backup and restore all your feeds, guides (sorts of feeds groups) and other settings. All your feeds are one click away, and so is the end of my boredom at school.


I know I could simply used online RSS aggregators, like Google Reader, but after having tried several of them, I just stopped bothering and went back to my beloved rich clients. If found the online readers either too slow or too inconvenient to use. Besides, I can't help closing my web browser when I'm done reading web sites, and I always end up having to go back to the RSS reader web site. A matter of taste I guess.

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