Extreme GUI Makeover 2007

Extreme GUI Makeover talks in 2005 and 2006 were very successful and ranked amongst the top 10 JavaOne talks both times. Scott, Shannon and I have submitted this talk again for JavaOne 2007. If our submission is selected, we will need an application to work on. In 2005, we wrote a chat client. In 2006, we wrote an email client. What application would you like us to “make over” this year? Go ahead, we are listening.

Your proposal can be a generic idea (like “an email client”) or a very specific application (for instance, “Thunderbird”.) We will not, however, write a fully functional version of the application. We do not have the time required for such an endeavor.

3 Responses to “Extreme GUI Makeover 2007”

  1. Andrea C. says:

    Hi, I propose a “Mashup Photoalbum”, an application where you can organize you photos with different criteria: by Year, by name, by “tag” (such as Flickr) or by location (using some Map service as G or Y!), or you can organize photos in albums with names and description, or by camera or – again! – with custom criteria.

  2. Andrea C. says:

    OK, maybe it’s too late form my proposal but, in case there’an EGUIM 2008, think about it!

  3. Lukman Jaji says:

    Hi Romain,

    You r my role model u know!!! And i follow ur posts regularly. Is it possible i get the source code for JavaObe 2006 please!!!!!!!!!!