Aperture's Loupe in Swing

I am a huge fan of Apple's Aperture. This application lets you organize and process your pictures in a very elegant fashion. One of the coolest features of this application is its loupe, and most notably the new centered loupe, added in Aperture 1.5. As I was writing another chapter for the book Chet Haase and I are co-authoring, I had the idea of implementing the centered loupe in Java. I came up with a simple demo that I quite like. (Its role is to demonstrate the use of layouts with JLayeredPane but that's a different story but this means this demo does not use the glass pane; how's that for a change?) It's nothing impressive really, but I thought some of you might enjoy it.

When you start the application, select a higher layer number, for instance “Layer 4,” and move the mouse over the pictures. If you don't have Java SE 6 installed, I have uploaded a video of the demo (QuickTime, 26 MB.)

Webstart now!

Centered Loupe

You can also download the source code.

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