Five little things

After many parties and long meals, I am finally catching up with the rest of the blogosphere and I just discovered that Alexis tagged me. Here are five little known things about me:

  • I can't sleep when my cupboard's door is cracked open ;
  • I once was a Microsoft .NET Most Valuable Student ;
  • I followed German course at school for 6 to 7 hours a week, for seven years and all I can say today is “Ich möchte gern ein bisschen Kuchen essen” (which is more than enough to survive in Germany anyway) ;
  • I learned programming on my 9 years old brother's Vtech Genius when I was 15. It was on new year's eve at some friends of my parents and the evening was so incredibly dull that I preferred to start writing BASIC applications on a 14×3 characters screen ;
  • I once acted in a play written by a friend of mine. That's what happens when you agree to write a web site for a bunch of artists.

I'm now tagging Richard, Chet, Joshua, Scott and Hans.

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