The Swing team is hiring

I just got an email from the Swing team telling me they have two open positions. They're looking for a Software Engineer and a Staff Engineer to work on Swing.

I have spent one year working with the Swing team in Santa Clara, California, and I can tell you it's a nice place to work at. There's a lot to be done in Swing and with the recent launch of Java SE 7 development process I guess it would be an interesting time to start working on it.

That's the kind of job offer that makes me wish to finish school very quickly ^^

2 Responses to “The Swing team is hiring”

  1. bjb says:

    Quite interresting, but not located in Europe. Any change Sun opens such a positions in France ? Would be nice … and would receive some CV ;-)

  2. Romain Guy says:

    I would have replied to these offers myself in that case. Nevertheless, California is an interesting place to move to… ;-)