Filthy Rich Clients: A Subtler Teaser

Chet Haase, jester and footnotes generator, just poster a subtle teaser about Filthy Rich Clients, the book we are writing together. And by “the book we are writing together,” I mean the book he is mostly writing all by himself. I’m an evil mastermind who will have his name on the cover without working as much as the other guy.

For those of you who don’t like Chet (that would be preposterous), I’ve prepared a subtler teaser for the book. In fact I just used my amazing copy and paste abilities to show you the outline:

  • Part I: Graphics and GUI Fundametals
    1. Desktop Java Graphics APIs: Swing, Java 2D, and AWT
    2. Swing Rendering Fundamentals
    3. Graphics Fundamentals
    4. Images
    5. Advanced Graphics Rendering
    6. Advanced Swing Rendering
    7. Performance
  • Part II: Animation
    1. Animation Fundamentals
    2. Smooth Moves
    3. Timing Framework: Fundamentals
    4. Timing Framework: Advanced
  • Part III: Effects
    1. Animated Transitions
    2. Static Effects
    3. Dynamic Effects
    4. Wrap-Up

Behold this outline and cherish it because it will likely be messed up by our evil reviewers, who can’t do anything but find typos and mistakes in our text. If you are a reviewer and reading this, please think of all the sweat, tears and blood that dripped on our keyboards during the writing. Chet lost all his fingernails because of the friction with the keys and I have only bloody stumps left of my arms.

Herm… I’d better go back to this last chapter I guess.

19 Responses to “Filthy Rich Clients: A Subtler Teaser”

  1. Shai Almog says:

    Looking forward to the book! (BTW is there an Amazon listing already?)
    I just hope you guys don’t let the editors persuade you into covering too much lowest common denominator ground. I hope this book will target the higher than average Swing/Java developers and will focus on cool effects/3D more while focusing on fundamentals less (you can always put additional “introductory” portions online).

    I think a nice thing to have is maybe an introduction to aesthetics of software how to align/use whitespace properly… Maybe a bit about graphics/photoshop both in the forms of how to take a photoshop based mockup and turn it into an application. Also in the form of how is photoshop/gimp/psp used, for small developers and even corporate developers without the resources (designers that is) you just have to do everything… Its probably out of scope but a few links and guidelines in an appendix can go a long way.

  2. From what I can see, it seems to cover the common points from various blogs (Romain’s, Chet’s, and Chris Campbell’s, amongst others) putting it into a logical order.

    – Chris

  3. Chet Haase says:

    I’m afraid that there will be some more basic stuff in there. We start out talking about the Swing/2D rendering model and how various things work. This provides a good foundation for the techniques that we build on top of this system. And this wasn’t the editor’s idea; it came out of our own puny brains…

    I agree that much of this content exist out on the web; heck, we wrote a lot of it ourselves. However, it’s nice to collect this stuff in a cohesive way and then go from there; get everyone on the same page. I think that a follow-on or related book could take this material for granted (just refer back to this), but since the material doesn’t really exist in this form yet, apart from scattered blogs and articles, it’s tough to write such a book and know that the audience will actually understand everything you need them to understand in order to get the more advanced material.

    Having said this, we explain what we need to do and then go from there. Even Part I, which explains all of the more basic stuff, gets deep into topics of performance and graphical techniques that are beyond what you’d find in any fundamentals piece out on the web. And Parts II and III assume knowledge of all of the core stuff and go from there. So I hope that even the hardened Swing/2D veterans will find the book useful.

    Otherwise, you can blame Romain. He can take it.

  4. Bill says:

    I’ll try not to think about the blood, sweat and tears (I have a weak stomach).
    But its been a nice read so far…

  5. Shai Almog says:

    its perfectly OK to even out the readership. I’m mostly worried about this taking over too much like in covering the history of Swing and why some “oddities” exist. I just want more room for the “interesting stuff” ;-)

  6. Romain Guy says:

    Shai: Don’t worry about that. Part 1 of the book has a strong focus on explaining what exactly you must do to create gorgeous graphics and how to do it properly. It does give some insight about Swing’s inner working but only to make the reader understand why some things must be done in the way we say.

  7. Dean Iverson says:

    Romain: Looking forward to the book. Despite all of talk about the book (as Chet points out in his post) I am glad that you guys are keeping us informed.

    Shai: If you’re looking for more on design, use of whitespace, etc., I’ve found that Designing Interfaces by Jenifer Tidwell is a fairly interesting read.

    I agree that it would be nice to include some material on proper use of Photoshop and/or Illustrator as an appendix (Graphic Design for Programmers?). But it seems like a topic that might be better suited for a series of blog posts – after Romain’s bloody stumps recover from writing the book, of course.

  8. badapple says:

    Excellent!!! But, now when and where can I order/buy my copy! Is it available for pre-order on amazon?

  9. One thing that doesn’t appear in the table of contents is any reference to Synth, yet Synth is designed as an easy way to customise the look of the application. You also did a lot of work on improving Synth and making it easy to build Synth-based look and feels… So why no mention ?

    – Chris

  10. Andre Wilms says:

    Excellent news! I can’t wait to get a copy. Rock on, dudes!

  11. Andy Roberts says:

    I can’t wait. I wish I had put myself down to be one of the reviewers. But heck, I’ll just wait for the finished item. Besides, I work for Pearson (owners of Prentice Hall) so I’ll get a nice discount ;)

    This book will just walk off the shelves (virtual or otherwise) when it’s released, I’m sure – it’s just too damn exciting. Keep it up, guys.

  12. Fabrice says:

    Romain, any chance to get a french translation? I know you can do it ;)

  13. Romain Guy says:

    I guess that if Prentice Hall wants a French version…

  14. Hervé Girod says:

    I will stick with the English version. Once I bought a French translation of the Gang-Of-Four, only because it was sold with the original hyperlinked version on a CD. I found some translations of the original Patterns names were a bit hilarious to me. I think it is because we have now become accustomed to their original English names.

  15. Romain Guy says:

    Things would be *very* different if I am the one doing the French translation (note that I did translate a few books for O’Reilly :)

  16. dhilshuk says:

    Hi Romain,
    >The contents of the Book Filthy Rich Clients are very good.Thanks for all the efforts put by you and Chet.
    >This book really helps Swing Developers to create great UI’s.
    >We(Swing Devlopers) are very proud that we have Romain and Chet guiding us from the front.
    >We won’t take this to grant,I wish and ask each one to take initiation and comeup something good like this
    >I have one Suggestion ,at the last page of the book if you specify where and all these swing applications are used and .
    lisiting those applications with few Screenshots and links to their Websites.
    >I think this will make more people to shift from the other technologies to swing for UI Development.
    >If I am not correct with my opinion Iam sorry.
    >Finally will Filthy Rich Clients be free edition(free to download) or should be buy it.
    >Hope you release free electronic edition of Filthy Rich Clients soon.
    Dhilshuk Reddy

  17. Romain Guy says:

    Thanks for your nice comment. Unfortunately the book will not be free.

  18. Romain Guy says:

    Christopher : First, sorry that your comment remained held as spam for so long, I’m not used to WordPress yet :) We did not include Synth because we simply don’t talk about look and feels.

  19. Romain: comment spam is a real pain, so no worries about the delay :-) I’ve stopped posting on my own blog temporarily until I can find the time to implement my own anti-spam plug-in, as the ones available for dotclear allow me to moderate and defer comments, but that creates hundreds of messages per day to check :-(

    As for my remarks about Synth, perhaps if Filthy Rich Clients gets the success it deserves, maybe you might want to write a book on implementing custom look and feels, using synth and using more traditional code-based approaches..? Just a thought…

    – Chris