Java Plugin Animation Reloaded

I am sure you’ve all seen the animation played by the Java plugin when a large applet loads in the web browser. Sun found it a bit outdated and decided to improve it for JDK6u1 and JDK7. Chris Campbell did the implementation work and explains a few things about it on his blog. I especially like the way resizing is handled. Note that you can override the animation if you wish to.

You can also run the WebStart version below: (Java SE 6 required)

Orange Box

All the animations and graphics are done with Java 2D, save for the Java cup. Chris has detailled explanations on how he managed to create this.

5 Responses to “Java Plugin Animation Reloaded”

  1. steeez says:

    c’est franchement un détail mais c’est franchement joli!

  2. testman says:

    joli, oui mais lorsque l’on aura une page avec 10 applets (si si ça existe), celà donnera quoi ?

    De mon coté, je préfèrerais avoir un lancement rapide plutot qu’un écran d’attente … mais bon, c’est une animation sympa. Reste à mettre en avant le processus de une mise à jour de version (comme le fait flash) histoire de s’assurer d’avoir toujours une version à niveau !


  3. Vince says:

    After the progress bar reaches 100% it then displays an advert! Why this obsession with putting adverts everywhere. Google has already ruined thousands of web pages with more £$%”£ adverts. Now Sun insists we watch its advert everytime we run an applet!

  4. Magnus says:

    Anyone know when the timeframe for the JDK6u1 release?

  5. great ideas. I always follow your ideas and apply them. Just one question though. Have you made writing this blog as your profession or do you do this in your spare time? Just curious..