Look and Feels Galore

There’s been quite a lot happening in the Swing look and feel space recently. While Synthetica continues to improve, we’ve seen the A03 new look and feel pop up, new themes for Substance and I discovered JTattoo.

If you know other new look and feels, or know about other cool new features in existing look and feel, drop a comment!

9 Responses to “Look and Feels Galore”

  1. I know that one of the developers from Incors said a few months ago that they’re working on the new Alloy version… And you have connections in Xerto – didn’t they create their own LAF?

  2. Java Developer says:

    Most of the Java Swing Developers still in the wrong way ,, don’t they understood yet the look and FEEL concept ,, i admit that we have a lot of awesome looks out there but we need to focus on the [FEEL] i mean by that better right to left support , re sizable tool bars and menu bars and better layout managers and more and off course the performance ………


  3. PoP says:

    Whaow, JTatoo looks like those sexy Yahoo! Widgets. Nice!

  4. JTattoo looks nice, and the Hifi variant reminds me of a certain Aerith ;-)

    Kirill’s comment about the alloy look and feel is encouraging too…

    – Chris

  5. GB says:

    I somehow agree with Java Developer: all those LAFs seem to me like a waste of time… we need easy-to-use filthy rich components to give our users a whole new experience! On the upside, I have to say I quite like synthetica, compared with the others you mention… :)

  6. azarai says:

    I agree partly with Java Developer and GB. A feel concept isnt that easy to accomplish for a multiplatform gui api, but sun should try it anyways instead of putting unneccessary stuff in the jdk.
    IMHO even on windows its still looking and feeling like swing, not a windows app. The Raven Graphite of substance did a great job to hide that, far the best i’ve seen so far.

  7. Test says: