Mood Swing


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  1. gerryg says:

    Looks like character design for a game. Ever thought about trying your hand at that kind of development? Now that you’re learning JOGL, OpenGL, and the like, it would be awesome if you focused your graphics talents on game and animation frameworks and components for the client side. I see you’ve worked with Chris A., but more importantly I’m hoping Chris M. is doing everything he can to have you work with his group in some capacity. It’s a “fun” area and the one that both has the most potential and is most neglected. On the client side, that is, since Darkstar will do a lot for the server side. But without some good demos, tools, and graphics frameworks/components, it’ll be a harder sell for anyone but the biggest studios. Scott, Chet, and others have done/are doing great foundational work on the Java APIs, but something more is needed for developers to start taking advantage of them. Maybe you’ll suggest working on it to Chris M.? Here’s hoping…

  2. Romain Guy says:

    I actually worked on a video game in the past. It was called Backyard Hockey and it was published on GameBoy Advance by Atari in 2003 (see for instance.)

    As for working on video games again, I would love to do so but I am afraid I wouldn’t be a good fit. I am not good enough at arts, and my maths suck :)

  3. Romain Guy says:

    P.S: You’re talking about Chris Melissinos, right?

  4. gerryg says:

    Yes, that’s the Chris I’m talking about. BTW, the game looks pretty good! I’ll have to be on the lookout for it. I’d love to see a JDK running on Nintendo DS. There’s a game-like device called I think the GP2X that’s totally programmable, but not sure if the JDK is on there or not, and it certainly doesn’t have the marketshare or coolness factor of DS.

    There’s a lot more to developing a game than the art and physics. That’s part of the problem that needs to be solved — it’s very rare that any (good) game or gaming framework/library can be done successfully with just one person. There’s plenty of areas where you would be helpful. It’s obvious you know about effects, interfaces (could be menus or HUDs, but also the HCI), animation, and a lot of the 2D stuff, as well as how to successfully develop reusable components. A good framework, utility library, and component library for Java games is still needed for J2SE, but the foundational architecture work needs to be laid so that others can extend and plug-in various pieces as needed, have a good content workflow and content-builing tools, etc. I personally think you’d do great, and would learn quite a bit in the process. And if there was a need for justification, it could be for ‘serious gaming’ in various vertical markets. Anyway, think about it and remember there’s always someone out there that can help in areas you lack!

    You should do your little doodle guys in Java2D and animate them. Instead of the mirror effect just on the floor, put a wall behind them. Would there be a way to do dynamic overhead lighting in Java2D, even if it were ‘fake’?

    Anyway, good luck at whatever you decide to do, best of luck with the book, and cheers!

  5. Romain Guy says:

    I actually worked on the menus and visual effects in the menus in the game I was referring to.