What Effect Would You Like to See in the Book?

As I hinted previously, the book Filthy Rich Clients is almost done. But something just occured to me…

Is there any visual effect that you would like to see explained in the book?

Given the time we have left to wrap up the final chapters, I can only consider adding one and only one visual effect to the final chapters, either in Static Effects or Dynamic Effects. Fire away your suggestions, I have 4 days left to add something to the text.

I can’t promise this will happen, especially if your suggestions are already in the book or would take too long to add (writing a demo is very time consuming.)

Your Effect Inside

26 Responses to “What Effect Would You Like to See in the Book?”

  1. dhilshuk says:

    Hi Romain,
    I want some animations related to Images and Text.
    Animations like Fading, Dissolving in and out,Rotation,Lighting Effects,Shading Effects.

  2. Highly efficient, programmatically generated shadows. I know SwingX has something like this in Painter form but I’ve never been able to get it to work right. Also, a better set of examples on BlendComposite would be nice.

  3. Andrej Golovnin says:

    Hi Romain,
    it would be nice if you could show how to implement in pure Java2D a rotating cube animation as used in Mac OS for fast user switching (http://www.apple.com/macosx/theater/fastuserswitching.html). An implementation using JOGL would be nice too. Here you can find some formulas: http://www.kawa.net/works/js/animation/cube-e.html

  4. Agustín Martín says:

    Hi Romain,
    would it be considered a visual effect to mess around with JScrollPane so that it shows the leftmost column as fixed always even when scrolling horizontally?
    It’s a long shot, but this certainly would come in handy in filthy rich clients ;-)

  5. ilia says:

    It is possible to show how to create a decorator Effect, like the Border, that we can add to any JComponent, and like the Border, create a compound Effect

  6. Romain Guy says:

    Daniel: SwingX offers drop shadows with the ShadowRenderer class. The support in painters came later and is not for general purpose.

  7. Stephen says:

    +1 for the Mac / Java 2D rotating cube.

  8. Panos says:

    Hello Romain. In JavaPolis you presented some animation effect with a JPanel and a JTextArea (I think), you were covering and uncovering the JTextArea dynamically and smotthly with the JPanel if I remember correctly. That would be cool to see.

    I would also be very curious to see how we can implement something similar to Jini Effect in mac osx.



  9. Panos says:

    Sorry, I meant genie effect, as to when you minimize or maximize windows from/to the dock in os-x.

  10. Johan Smolders says:

    + 1 for the genie effect
    + 1 for the rotating cube

  11. Barsum says:

    I’d like to see animated JTree, e.g. when a node is expanded the below node down is pushed down (animated) while the subnodes revealed fades up.

  12. I’d like to see a discussion of “floating” components, perhaps similar in style to Firefox’s notifications, though in the same JFrame.

    I’d like to click a status bar button, and have an animated panel explode over the rest of the GUI.

  13. Tim Yates says:

    I’d love to see animated graphical lists. Kinda like the OSX doc, so as you drag elements in or out of the list, the rest of the list animates round it to make room…

    Can’t wait for the book Romain! This is going to be a good year for Java.. I can feel it in my bones :-)

  14. Romain Guy says:

    Panos: I don’t get what effect you are referring to (the one from JavaPolis)?

    Patrick: At least two of the demos in the book should explain you how to do this

    Agustín: What is the left column you are referring to?

    dhilshuk: All of that is in the book already

    Andrej: I love the idea but I’m reluctant. It’s a pretty complicated effect and I’m not sure it could be used in many applications. There’s already the Bloom to play the role of the useless-but-cool effect :)

  15. I want some thing like shape tween in Adobe flash with hints may be i can work as

    ShapeTween tw=new ShapeTween(shape1,shape2);

  16. Johan Smolders says:


    I think what Panos is referring to, is a demo Chet gave in your talk.
    There was, i think a search, texfield on a frame.
    When enter was hit the searchbox changed position and this was animated (in a non-linear way mind you :-) )

  17. Romain Guy says:

    Niraj: It’s in the book already.

    Johan: It’s in the book then :)

  18. Panos says:

    Johan, yes this is what I was referring to, ty :) Very cool animation.

    Apart from that I believe any animated OSX tricks would be great to see in the book.

  19. Johan Smolders says:

    Oh, another idea. In the animation Panos was referring to, when a Component isn’t used anymore instead of only fading it out, fade it out and add dust clouds like when you remove something in the OSX dock.

  20. thanks!
    I want the book soon may be this weekendthis book gonna rock my desktop

  21. I’m going to be a contrarian. I’d rather have the book sooner than have another effect!

  22. Romain Guy says:

    Michael: Me too, but it’s not up to me :) No matter what, we will send the final chapters to the editor on Monday.

  23. ilia says:

    is my idea out of topic that you did not respond to it :(

  24. i30817 says:

    1) Create an animation in JTabbedPane when another tab is clicked that shows the old pane moving out and the new pane moving in.

    2) Show how to integrate a few of the effects seen on http://www.caligraft.com/ or http://www.chronotext.org/ with the text components of swing JEditorPane and JTextPane. It would be really cool to be able to attach a painter that did a 3d effect like this http://www.caligraft.com/exhibition/hilos
    to normal text in a swing document.

  25. Romain Guy says:

    ilia: It’s just I don’t see what you need.

  26. Ido Green says:

    Hi Romain,

    I would like to see some examples to ‘real world’ application usage of the technics.
    A chapter that will take a normal (=boring) desktop application with common JComponents
    (TextField, TextArea, Table, Tree, ComboBox etc’) and will show what are the best
    ways to ‘pimp’ it to look Filthy Rich Client! and be more usable to the user.
    For example:
    1. Lighting Effects – to text fields on validation/error.
    2. GlassPane usage to highlight the focus cell in table.
    3. Animation – when (and when NOT) to use it.