Conferences: Cancelled

Due to several (very) annoying constraints and problems with my visa for my upcoming internship, I had to cancel my participation in Desktop Matters and The Server Side Java Symposium this month. However, Chet agreed to replace me and deliver the talks. It’s even better for you because he has a better american accent and tells funny jokes.

My apologies to the attendees and to the organizers. I love to deliver technical sessions and discuss Desktop Java with the audience. And I would have loved to attend Desktop Matters to meet engineers from Microsoft, Adobe and Apple.

I am so disappointed @!# Hopefully, I’ll be at the Sun Tech Days in Paris (free registration on Sun’s web site) and at JavaOne 2007. There’s some justice after all :)

4 Responses to “Conferences: Cancelled”

  1. tooo Bad (those Silly Embassies did that once to me when i was going to France and Spain but i got it at last late but got it).
    am really sad for you although i wouldnt be able to attend the event itself i live at Egypt :D.

    dont be sad, Who Knows mayB it’s better for you to stay Home and Create somethin really Gr8888 as usual and please me -my
    self- with it :D.
    tell me When the Book is Comming Out to be bought (though we no1 ships to Cairo, but i’ll be buying it and Ship it with Aramex) and how much would it cost – range-

  2. dhilshuk says:

    Romain it worst,
    Why do these(Governments) prevent people from doing something good and encourage all the Terrorist activities.
    >Romain your legend need not worry about these silly things.
    >Your weblog is the greatest place to put your articles and presentations.
    >I am great admirer of your work.
    Dhilshuk Reddy.

  3. nem says:

    but couldnt you participate through live link ,skype or something else

  4. David says:

    If you are at the Tech Days, then I try to convince my boss to let me go there. It shouldn’t be hard: free conference, at 500 meters from where I work.
    See you there!