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Colorful Photos

I shot the following pictures at the aquarium of Lyon. I used a Canon 30D with a Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens. The first picture was shot at ISO 1250, the others at ISO 640.

Gray Mate

Gold Swimmer

Rainbow Swimmer

9 Responses to “Colorful Photos”

  1. Andrew Serff says:

    Wow…is the 30D really this much better at low light/high ISO shots than the digital rebel? Even shooting at an ISO 800 with the rebel you get a lot of noise. The first picture you have here has almost no noise at all. Let me know if you think it is the camera, lens, or if you’re doing something post processing that keeps the noise down.

  2. roskis says:

    How do you get the fish to stop moving?

  3. Romain Guy says:

    Andrew: The 30D is not that much better. On my Digital Rebel Xt the noise, even at ISO 800, was more than acceptable. On this particular picture, I did use a denoise filter. Although the quality of the lens I used probable helped a lot :)

    roskis: High ISO speed, larger aperture and a good lens.

  4. Vince says:

    Extraordinarily clear and colour-balanced pictures. Well done.

    Did you use a tripod or was the camera hand held?

  5. Romain Guy says:

    Vince, the camera was hand held.

  6. Herve says:

    Very good pictures !! That reminds me (bouhh !!) that my recent Canon EOS 400D was stolen two weeks ago (never showed up at the baggage collection at the airport)…

  7. Romain Guy says:

    Never, ever leave that kind of equipment in your luggage when you take the plane :) The same happened to me once with a PDA.

  8. frederic barachant says:

    Depuis que j’ai mon 50 f1.4 (sur un d70, mais bon), je ne peux utiliser que ça. C’est vraiment un plaisir immense que de pouvoir déclencher n’importe où discrètement.
    Il faudra que je passe à un 30 f1.4 sigma. Avec les capteurs apsc, 50 c’est vraiment un peu limitant, et il faut toujours trop se reculer.

    Trés jolies couleurs, évidemment. Les poissons ont l’avantage de ne pas poser, mais impossible d’avoir quelquechose de naturel, détaché. Sales bêtes. ;)

  9. Lovely lens, that one; still one of the first lenses I reach for, if the focal length is right for the job.