Filthy Rich Clients Book Cover

Prentice Hall recently sent Chet and I the artwork that might get on Filthy Rich Clients book’s cover.

Filthy Rich Clients Cover

I really can’t wait to get a final printed copy!

18 Responses to “Filthy Rich Clients Book Cover”

  1. Jem says:

    Fantastic! Hillarious artwork. I can’t wait to get a copy of this book. :)

  2. Ashish Lijhara says:

    Cool!goes by the name of the book…..

  3. realbadapple says:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on this book so I can add some BLING BLING to my, currently, poor clients!!

  4. AegisThorne says:

    Tremendous cover. Maybe you can sell blinged out duke chains with the book ;)

  5. I have no doubt the book will at least be as cool as the cover ;)

  6. Julien Ponge says:

    Be a filthy star :-)

  7. Pop says:

    Awsome. And when are the first prints planned for?

  8. ALeix says:

    Hi Romain !!! Good job and nice cover !!!
    I’m surely I’ll buy a copy of your book !!!

    Thanks for your good work !!

  9. Aron Smith says:

    I hope I can learn how to embed a word processor into my Swing applications. One that is cross platform.

    If not I hope I can learn how to embed a browser into a frame, then I could perhaps leverage Google

    With that kind of power I could add to my killer app the piece de resistance and then I could be filthy rich like The Google.

  10. That’s wonderful. Talk about putting the “fun” back in Java… that cover perfectly captures what you guys are about.

  11. Ido Green says:

    It looks great, just like most of the footnotes in the book ;)

  12. Romain Guy says:

    Thanks guys, I’m glad you like it. We need to properly thank the artist as well.

  13. wahid says:

    don’t judge a book by its cover or so they say…
    BUT in this case i will make an exception!!

  14. Andrea C. says:

    This cover is real fun!