Filthy Rich Clients on

Filthy Rich Clients

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  1. liesen says:

    Good job, guys. Hopefully this will start some kind of new era of bling-bling swing apps.

  2. Robert says:


    Do you know if the book will be available as pdf as well?

  3. dhilshuk says:

    Do we any online download

  4. alexis says:

    congratulations, hope for you it will become a swing book bestseller ;)

  5. Sebbo says:

    Good job! I think you are happy.
    I have a request, could you give us the table of contents of the book?

    Perhaps I miss it on your blog, but it could be fine if it is publish on amazon or/and here.


  6. Erwann says:

    “Publisher: Prentice Hall PTR (July 2007)” damn! I’m gonna work during holidays!

  7. great job romain, I wish you all the best with this book. Talk dirty swing….yees!

  8. Chet Haase says:

    To answer some of the questions above:
    Sebbo: An earlier outline is published on my blog. The outline changed a bit since then, and it leaves a lot of detail to the imagination, but it’s close enough for now.
    Robert: The publisher is toying with the idea of a “rough cut”, which is a downloadable version of a draft of the book. This would be available for purchase, but not the full price of the final book. I don’t know the timeframe and details of this, but if it happens, it would be sooner than the July publishing date (since the publisher basically has the full content already, it just needs formatting and copy-editing at this stage).
    Dhilshuk: Seem my comment about the rough cut. There is still no intention to have a free version available. Please stop asking, it’s not going to happen. If you want free stuff, check out the vast quantity of blogs and articles that already exist…

  9. Panos says:

    Chet, in JavaPolis you and Romain mentioned that you will try to have the book ready before JavaOne. From what I see on Amazon the book will be available on July 2007. Is there any chance we could see some pre-released copies in JavaOne?

  10. Chet Haase says:

    Panos: That was the plan … but apparently the back-end publishing process takes longer than anticipated. In any case, see my comments to Robert above; we’re hoping that some combination of rough-cut/online copies or beta books would be available by JavaOne, followed by The Real Thing in July.

  11. Hi Romain,
    Congratulations for your great participations ;o)
    Just a precision, in the dictionary, filthy means dirty, disgusting or obscene…
    Is there any other meaning for this word ?

  12. Chet Haase says:

    Francois: You’re right on the meaning. The reason it works here (at least in English) is that the phrase “Filthy Rich” means, basically, “Obscenely Wealthy”. Or very, very rich. I guess it could also mean disgusting, but that’s not really the definition we were shooting for on the book…

  13. Chet, Thanks for this needed precision.
    And of course, congratulations to you too ;o)

  14. Romain Guy says:

    François : C’est un jeu de mot qui se traduit mal en Français mais qui marche très bien avec des anglophones. Et bien sûr il marche encore mieux quand on parle de ça sur scène avec Richard Bair, que tout le monde appelle “Rich” chez Sun :)

  15. Francois says:

    Thanks Romain. I was sure it was an English subtility!

  16. Monica S says:

    By the way, the book now has 5 stars out of 5 at Amazon. Way to go! Got mine today.