This, Is Why I Love Mac OS X

You have probably read about it by now, but Coda is a wonderful new web development environment for Mac OS X. While it is not revolutionary, Coda is a simple yet powerful tool encased in a beautiful user interface. Because it relies on http://Transmit for FTP and SubEthaEdit for code editing (with collaborative support), this editor is a bit more friendly than TextMate or BBEdit.

Coda Project Manager

Coda is not as versatile and extensive as TextMate or BBEdit when it comes to basic text editing, but it offers other features that are real time savers. FTP support is obvious, but the fantastic CSS editor or the web page layout inspector are equally useful. I also really enjoy the inclusion of several books about HTML and CSS, as well as the PHP documentation. I hate web development and anything that can ease the pain is more than welcome.

Coda CSS Editor

Go at least take a look at the screenshot on the official web site. This is a great proof that even boring applications like developer tools can look good and offer nice visual effects. Heck, the web site alone is worth the visit; it’s clean, beautiful and nicely animated.

Panic, the company behind Coda, already conquered me a long time ago with Transmit, their FTP client. I’m happy to say they have found a new customer. TextMate still remains my favorite editor on Mac OS X but I doubt I will ever use it again for PHP/XHTML/CSS development.

5 Responses to “This, Is Why I Love Mac OS X”

  1. Funny I just came across CODA a few minutes ago after finding this (German) blog entry. From what I can see from the screenshots it looks very easy to use, intuitive, well-thought…

    Unfortunately I still have no Mac, but I’ll save a bookmark to check it out once I own one. The price seems to be pretty fair.

    What I’d like to know is: You mentioned built-in PHP support, but what about other languages? Afaik Mac OS X 10.5 will ship with Ruby on Rails, so it would be interesting to know whether or not there is also builtin Ruby or maybe even Python suppport.

    The more I get to see screencasts and screenshots of Mac OS X and typical apps the more I dislike my Windows XP environment (not to mention my Vista pc at home, which really is a pita…).

  2. Romain Guy says:

    I haven tried thoroughly but it has syntax coloring support for JavaScript, Ruby, Java… I guess it also has some sort of code-completion for those language. I guess that anything SubEthaEdit can handle, Coda can.

  3. Andrew Serff says:

    Panic had be at Audion, the best MP3 player ever. Too bad they no longer make it. They should have sold it to Apple when they had the chance cause Audion is way better than iTunes. Oh well…in any case, Panic is an awesome company and they are only like 2 people strong. They put out great stuff.

  4. Romain Guy says:

    I was quite fond of Audion too :)

  5. Steven Herod says:

    Coda is indeed beautiful, The whole site open/close thing is pretty cool (and the fact it takes a screenshot of your site and makes it a little thumbnail)

    I haven’t decided to buy it or not yet, still trying to get the hang of it.