Meet the JavaPosse

Dion Almaer, Richard Bair, Joshua Marinacci, Carl Quinn, Tor Norby, Joe Nuxoll and Dick Wall met at Joe’s place this week to record Java Posse episode #118 (MP3). We had a really great time and I took the opportunity to take a few shots of everybody. Unfortunately, I was distracted by the conversation because only a few shots turned out to be good.

From top to bottom, Dick Wall and Richard Bair, Dick Wall, Joshua Marinacci, Tor Norbye and Dion Almaer. I wish I had good pictures of Carl and Joe but they were blurry (damn you shallow depth of field!) Click the picture to get high-resolution versions (3000×2000.)

You can also visit my Flickr Java set which should receive more pictures after JavaOne.

Richard Bair and Dick Wall

Dick Wall

Joshua Marinacci

Tor Norbye

Dion Almaer

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