Filthy Rich Clients at JavaU

Chet and I just finished our 3 hours long talk about Filthy Rich Clients for JavaU at JavaOne. Thanks to all the attendees and if you have questions do not hesitate to contact us.

3 Responses to “Filthy Rich Clients at JavaU”

  1. Joshua Smith says:

    I attended Chet and Romain’s presentation at Java University yesterday. It was excellent. When they presented a problem that they wanted to solve (image scaling for example) they described all of the possible solutions, the strengths and weaknesses of each and their preferred solution. It made it clear that they didn’t just settle on the first method they found. The demos were also very helpful and I look forward to playing with the source. I highly recommend that people check out their book when it hits the shelves.

    Great talk Chet and Romain!

    Joshua Smith

  2. bjb says:


    Did you saw that demo from IRIS project apparently from sunlabs shown in the general technical session ? I was not able to find the address to find out more in the webcast … (neither on nor on google ).