JavaOne Swing Keynote Demo

Jasper Potts put online a small tutorial on how to run Iris, the demo that Richard Bair, Ken Russell and he wrote for a keynote for JavaOne 2007. It’s a great mixup of Swing, applets, HTML and AJAX, a must see! Go check it out!

Richard, Ken and Jasper on stage

13 Responses to “JavaOne Swing Keynote Demo”

  1. Is Sun sponsored by Apple? ;)

  2. I don’t think so. But many software engineers seem to have very good taste.

  3. Pierre Sicot says:

    You work with Java SE 6.0 Release 1 Developer Preview 6 on Mac Os X ? It’s good ?

  4. Well, I’m not lacking taste, just bucks!

    Don’t confuse bucks with bugs! :P

  5. Jimbo says:

    Java SE 6.0 Release 1 Developer Preview 6 on Mac Os X sure is working fine (at least on the MacIntels). Can’t wait to get the final version.

  6. GB says:

    Isn’t it more likely that software are too much paid?
    Is it to have good taste now to buy Apple?

    … or is it just a way to appear trendy without actually having to have taste? :)

  7. Paradox says:

    Well I checked out the applet and it is definately well worth looking at as a textbook demonstration of why java applets never got the market share flash did and why people continue to avoid them like the plague.

    My PC is a year old laptop with the latest JRE installed, running firefox. Lets go through what happened when I clicked on the ‘try me’ link:

    1 – My browser totally locked up for 2 seconds while the JVM loaded, meaning I couldn’t look at any of the pages I had open in other tabs
    2 – A big dialog poped up warning me about signing and security issues. I couldn’t look at my other tabs until I had dealt with the dialog
    3 – After clicking ok, my browser locked up again for another few seconds.
    4 – A large ‘update deployment properties’ window poped up talking about java 2d … what is this, I just wanted to look at photos! Again, I couldn’t read the sites in any other tabs until I had dealt with the dialog
    5 – A dialog appears telling me a I need to restart my browser for the updated java 2d setting to take affect. WTF?!
    6 – I was finally able to use the applet until I came to a nifty page that used open GL to display a whole list of pictures stacked across the screen like cards. My whole browser then locked up forcing me to restart it.
    7 – Because firefox crashed it tried to restore all my previously open tabs, meaning my browser locked up again for another 2 seconds starting while starting the jvm, brought up more dialogs, etc, etc…

    This is a really textbook example of what is wrong with applets. Until these basic problems are fixed you can add all the OpenGL and javascript integration in the world and still nobody will use applets on their website.

    I’m a java developer and frankly this really pisses me off. I see so much hand wringing from Sun … ‘oh why did flash take off while applets were there earlier’, etc, etc. Meanwhile they completely ignore the ‘elephant in the corner’ of just how bad the user experence with applets is.

    Ok, I’m going away to calm down for a bit :-)

  8. I have to sympathize with Paradox. I just wrote a piece about the possible return of the Java Applet in 2008…

    However, I have seen some new interviews with James Gosling, recorded at JavaOne, where James says that people “don’t use applets as much as they should”. Watching James say things like this, makes me wonder if Sun really understands what the problems with Java Applets actually are. It’s genuinely worrying, because the problems should be easy for anyone to understand. It’s not even close to rocket science.

    I suspect we’re in the last chance saloon with Java Applets: Sun either fixes the problems this time around, as they work towards the Consumer JRE release, or applets will be dead forever.
    The release JavaFX, along with a renewed consumer focus, gives them just one chance to fix all the start-up and deployment issues. I hope they take it.

  9. Asd says:

    That seems to lock Firefox while the jars are downloading, not just during the JVM startup. I was waiting around 15 seconds (mediocre connection), and during that time I wasn’t even able to switch tabs.

  10. Daniel WECK says:

    I agree with Paradox and others who show their disappointment with the Java Applet technology.

    As a matter of fact, I just had to kill Firefox because the Iris application made the whole browser lock for several minutes. JAR downloading, Certificate loading, Cookie whatever…the whole user-experience is disastrous, I mean, really awful.

    I am using my Powerbook G4 1.5 GHz with 2GB RAM by the way.

    (and I am a Java developer too)

  11. Romain Guy says:

    Loading applets in Firefox is like loading a PDF with Acrobat Reader in Firefox: the best way to crash the browser. More seriously, I don’t care about the problems you have with applets. I never really liked them and I see no reason why we should hang onto those. Java does not have to be THE technology everywhere. But Iris remains a very cool demo.

  12. Daniel WECK says:

    Oh, I forgot to say: Java applets suck, big time !

    When I surf the web, Firefox takes care of removing popups, Flash, adverts, etc. It’s great.

    Unfortunately, about 2 or 3 times a week, a Java applet loads for some stupid menu or animated interactive logo…interrupting my workflow, and making me shout at the computer !!

    …then, because of bad integration with Firefox on Mac OS X, I cannot close my browser without minimizing the Java console first…how annoying !!!

    I would love to see what this Iris application feels like, but tried once, for me now it’s a no-no. I have wasted enough time already.

    (sorry folks, I love the ongoing Swing effort otherwise) ;-)